Questions You Might Still Have

Our most frequent questions brand owners ask us.
What are the next steps after the discovery call?

Following your discovery call, and assuming there is synergy between our brands; we’ll schedule a second call that includes a demo presentation.

We’ll show you the areas for growth we’ve identified for your brand, as well as the roadmap to help you capitalize on those opportunities using our system.

What kind of ROAS can I expect?

The answer to this question is quite subjective, as it greatly depends on various factors, including; your branding, website conversion rate, average order value, customer retention, seasonality, etc.

There must be a balance between these factors for a campaign to hit a high ROAS. For some clients, a mere 2X ROAS is substantial as they are heavily focused on customer lifetime value (i.e., a subscription-based product) whereas other clients might see as high as 15X ROAS if the initial order value is high enough. Regardless, this is where we thrive - taking any eCommerce business and guiding it to extreme profitability.

How long does it take to get ads up and running?

Our setup follows a simple, streamlined process. If you can dedicate just 2-5 hours in the first week to communicate with your new account manager in exchanging assets, granting account access, supplying brand information, etc. then you can expect ads to be live within the first 5-14 days.

How long do website builds take?

Launching a new store can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to complete from the onboarding call, based upon their complexity.

How involved do I need to be as a client in this process?

After initial campaign setup, our aim is to allow you as much freedom as possible. Your dedicated Account Manager will keep you up to date with any news on your account, as the rest of the team work behind the scenes to ensure your campaigns are running smoothly.

You’ll get the option of having weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly progress calls with your Account Manager to receive updates and ask any questions you may have; communication can be as frequent or infrequent as you like.

In addition, your account manager will also be available on WhatsApp – with an average response time of under an hour – to respond to any of your questions or queries. If you need to know about any updates whatsoever, we won’t ever shy away from letting you know.

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